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Civil Litigation, Chapter 7

Rhonda Hadnot

Chapter 7 Key Words

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3.Pleading seeking affirmative relief asserted by a party other than the plaintiff (state) or coparty (federal)
4.The ability to sue or defend in California courts
9.Facts which under substantive law constitute a right to recovery
13.Causes that must be brought in a single lawsuit
16.The person who has the right to sue under substantive law
17.The right of the plaintiff to sue under substantive law
18.In federal court, a motion challenging a pleading; in state and federal court, a motion to terminate an action
19.Entities crated by law, such as corporations; limited liability companies (LLCs); and limited liability partnerships (LLPs)
1.Cross-complaint in federal court against a third party to the complaint
2.Compliance with state statutes concerning corporation formalities, justifying use of courts
5.Plaintiff in a federal case in a counterclaim
6.Statements of fact in the pleadings
7.One who asserts a cross-complaint or cross-complaints
8.Causes of action in federal practice
10.Pleading challenging the legal sufficiency of another pleading
11.Issues that may be joined in a single lawsuit at the discretion of the court
12.Party who is named as a defendant in a state or federal cross-complaint
14.In federal court, a suit by a defendant against the plaintiff(s)
15.Pleading that responds to each allegation of the complaint or cross-complaint with an admission or denial

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