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Chronic and Acute Conditions

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5.disease that causes the pressuer in the eye to increase
6.a cancerous tumor
10.numbness, tingling and pain in feet and legs
13.common respiratory illness that can be cause by bacteria, virus or fungal infection
15.pain a person may feel in the part of the body that was amputated
16.progressive disease affecting the protective covering of the nerves, spinal cord and white matter of the brain
1.disease that occurs when heart muscle has been severely damaged and the heart doesn't pump effectively
2.caused when blood suppy to the brain is cut off suddenly by a clot or ruptured vessel
3.disease where pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin
4.skin rash caused by varicella-zoster virus
7.general terms that refers to inflammation of the joints
8.progressive disease that causes section of brain to deteriorate causing muscle stiffness
9.irritation and inflammation of the lining of the bronchi
11.disease that causes bone to become porous and brittle
12.another name for high blood pressure
14.chronic disease of the lungs that usually results from chronic bronchitis or smoking

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