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American Popular Music: Ch. 1-2

Group A: Ivan Quinones, Courtney Anderson, Kimberly Phillips, Natalie Semien,

Helpful review in conjunction with Chapters 1-2 of the text and Chapters 1-2 of the powerpoint.

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3._____________was the most influential popular songwriter in the 19th Century America
8.__________ played an important role in the development of American music
10.Posed the question, "Does electronic technology dehumanize music?"
12.Playing against the beat
13.Second Theme of American Popular music is: Music & ________
15.1st distinctly American theatrical form
17.Both whites and blacks performed in ___________
18.American Popular Music has continually evolved toward __________ styles
20.__________ music often shapes mainstream popularity
21.American popular music originated reflecting _________ styles
22._______ Bands, also known as Concert Bands, were the primary source of musical entertainment in most towns
23.Rhythms of African Americans accurately notated for 1st time
1._________ is an African American element still seen today
2.When studying music one becomes more ____________
4.John Philip Sousa brought about a new type of popular song: _________
5.The first theme in popular music is ____________
6.________music draws on preexisting musical traditions
7.Portrayal of happy slaves: __________
9.The difference between one performer and another is known as the ___________________
11.__________ American music is a blend of European and African traditions
14.Computerized ___________ has shaped popular music & has helped disseminate it, more & more rapidly, to more & more people
16.Portrayal of the reality of slavery:_______
17.Tin Pan Alley allowed popular music to become a _________
19.In 1854 Stephen Foster wrote Jeanie with the Light Brown _________

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