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Measuring the weather

1 2 3 4
5         6      
    10 11              
15   16                 17              

5.The difference between two temperatures is the temperature _____.
7.Wind speed is measured in metres per ______.
8.Any form of water falling to Earth, including rain, hail and snow.
11.The weight of the air is known as air ________.
12.Precipitation is measured in this.
13.The liquid inside a thermometer.
15.Instrument used to measure humidity.
17.These would break on level 8 or 9 of the Beaufort scale.
18.This instrument is used to measure air pressure.
1.Air pressure is measured in these units.
2.25-75mm per hour of rainfall can be described as ________.
3.The amount of moisture in the air.
4.Because temperature can be much higher in the sun than in the shade, thermometers at weather stations are kept in a white box known as a _________ ______ (9,6).
5.Low air pressure indicates changeable weather and the chance of ____.
6.Temperature in Australia is measured in degrees _______.
9.Wind speed is measured using an __________.
10.The name of a scale used to visually estimate the effect of wind, named after an English admiral and naval hydrographer.
14.A hygrometer has a dry and ___-____ thermometer (3,4).
16.A rain _____ is used to measure precipitation.

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