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1             2 3
5       6   7      
8   9        
11                 12    
16                   17      
18         19          

1.a small book with your photo, name and other details of your identity.
5.to walk in front; to be the first
7.That box is too heavy; I can't ... it.
9.Our car broke down so we had to call the ADAC to
10.a Scottish instrument
11.very, very good
13.You can't go on board ... you have shown your passport
14.that's what young people in Britain today often say instead of "Thanks!"
16.I had a really bad day and .... you now tell me that you leave me?!
18.to start work on a job that another person can't do any more.
20.a boat that takes passengers or boats across a sea
21.a line of people who are waiting, e.g. in a shop
22.some people believe that if you ... a place, bad luck will come to it.
2.you can say this in a difficult situation, when something happens to make it even worse
3.an event or situation that has to be dealt with
4.the man who looks after an inn or owns it
6.opposite of top
8.A female person from France
12.50 000 EUR? That's a large ... !
15.a very popular dish at breakfast in Scotland
17.money you must pay to the government, e.g. from what you earn
19.when you listen to something you shouldn't

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