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Earth Science Puzzle

Vanessa Kaye C.Marana

This puzzle is comprise of different terms studied in Earth science.

1 2
3             4 5        
6 7               8 9   10  
    11             12  
  14                 15        
17       18       19        
20       21
22 23     24             25        
26         27   28              
        29   30
31             32                      
          33   34         35
38                         39        
41 42                     43           44      
46                     47           48
49               50 51         52      
53                   54            
55           56          

3.type of rock
5.yellow precious metal
6.body of land
9.number of planets
11.an imaginary line drawn around the earth
14.mass of salt
15.molten rock
17.circular movement around on its own axis
19.curved path
23.outermost region
25.planar fracture on rock
26.satellite of earth
28.sun's highest position in the sky
31.remains of prehistoric organism
32.revolving another object
33.magnitude scale
37.theory on magnetism
38.area of large number of earthquakes
40.scientist who studies the earth physical structure
41.instrument in measuring earthquake
43.between crust and outer core
44.an imaginary line that a body rotates
46.wear away of the texture
47.weather conditions
49.thick layer
51.theory on the early development of the universe
53.78% of the atmosphere
54.process of eroding
55.investigation of the earth's shape
57.livable planet
1.pile or heap
2.rising and falling of the sea
4.layers of the atmosphere
5.milky way
7.hot molten
8.rupture on planets's surface
10.Space program
12.nucleus of ice and dust
13.bit of snow
16.alive but not actively growing
18.long narrow ditch
20.broken down subtances deposited
21.river of ice
22.layer of gases
24.crust pushed underground
27.drawing maps
29.large land mass
30.gaseous envelope
34.condensed water vapor
35.one of Saturn's moon
37.triangular sediment on the mouth of a river
39.turning around on an axis
42.process of ceasing
48.equal night and day
50.second planet from the sun
52.northern lights
53.a period of darkness
56.Center of solar system

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