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Blues & Swing

Andrea D. Martinez

These are a collection of words & clues from Chapters 5 & 6 of American Popular Music. These chapters focus on Blues and Swing music.

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2.vocal improvisation with wordless vocables or nonsense syllables popular in jazz music
3.Clarinetist and bandleader known as the king of swing
7.Jimmy Rodger's signature singing style
9.highest paid black entertainer of her day that sang "st louis blues"
11.A type song that has the same melody (tune) but different lyrics (words) for each stanza
12.Maybelle Carter's style of playing the guitar
14.the simultaneous use of two or more conflicting rhythms famous in piano players like Count Bassie
17.Texas born former opera singer who recorded the first big country music hit.
19.4 beat rhythm known as "four on the floor"
22.independent record labels
23.rhythms that play off or against the main beat
24.form of "st louis blues" differing from the model of tin pan alley music
25.standard six string guitar used by Roy Acuff in his recording of "Great Speckled Bird"
26.new style of jazz music created by black dance bands recognized in the late 20s
1.recordings of performances by African American musicians produced for that audience
4.most successful harmony group that mimic sounds of instruments
5.repeated patterns in the music that add melody
6.rhythmic unit of music, consisting of one accented beat followed by one of more unaccented beats
8.produced by the U.S government for servicemen meant to boost the morale of the troops
10.another name for "old time" music performed by, and intended for southern whites
13.Although he was little-known in his lifetime he is now regarded as the master of blues and a significant influence to rock&roll
15.An improvisational section and a repeating melodic rhythmic loop popular in Cuban music
16.Glenn Miller's most famous song representing escape from war uncertainty
18.Avid young dancers that studied the recordings of their favorite bands
20.nickname for Louis Armstrong's embouchure (mouth) while playing trumpet
21.tuned percussion instrument popular in Mexico and Central America

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