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EPIX 2012 Crossword

Aditya Narayan

1 2
3 4    
5                   6   7   8
      10 11                    
15 16               17        
18 19                  
    20 21              

5.Stationary Waves are produced by this phenomenon
9.A type of two-terminal electrical component with non-linear resistance and conductance
11.This is the another name for the one-shot multivibrator
13.This element has got a nucleus containing the most tightly bound nucleons
14.Inside a solenoid the magnetic field will be
16.The Youngest Nobel Laureate (2 Words)
18.A term used in electronics and computing to signify 2 power 50 bytes
21.A diode for which you can change the reverse bias, and thus vary the capacitance is called
22.In Simple Harmonic Motion there is always a constant ratio between the displacement of mass and this quantity
23.Doppler Recession of an Astronomical Object (2 Words)
24.Sir C.V. Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on this phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation
1.Range of Frequency below 20 Hertz
2.Magnetism at the Centre of the Bar Magnet
3.Shadows are never completely dark because of this phenomenon
4.When an input signal reduces the channel size in an FET, the process is called this
6.Effective Atmosphere of the Sun
7.Rotating Neutron Star
8.Nuclear Sizes are expressed in these units
9.This person postulated the existence of magnetic monopoles
10."Gravitationally completely collapsed" object is more commonly called this (2 Words)
12.Materials for Raincoats and tents owe their water-proof properties to this phenomenon (2 Words)
15.This type of signal is represented by discrete values
17.Stars that appear single to the naked eye but are actually double when seen through a telescope
19.The electron-volt is a measure of this quantity
20.These celestial bodies are powerful sources of radio waves

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