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Management- Past to Present

Rohail and Danyal

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
9   10 11            
  13             14  
  16     17             18

8.This individual created the concepts of Theory X and
19.This attribute of performance excellence
20._________ __ _______: each person should receive
1.This rule completes a plan of action for the future.
2.States that a need becomes a motivator once the
3.This is the study of individuals and groups in
4.This style of management focuses on motion study
5.Under Maslow's hierarchy, which category does need for love,
6.A specific sequence of activities that transforms raw
7.This theory of management assumes people are willing to work,
9.Believed that making every employee an owner in the
10.Assumes that math can improve managerial
11.Long-term employment and consensus decision-making are part of
12.Tries to match managerial responses with problems
13.Believed that managers who treat people positively and as
14.This states that a satisfied need is not a motivator
15.They revolutionized the study of motion by conducting
16.A rational and efficient form of organization founded on
17.The Hawthorne studies raised awareness of the influence
18.A component of a large system.

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