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Real Estate Terms

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      5 6
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2.Daily rate of interest (2 Words)
7.Personal property that is moveable
11.The conveyance of an estate or interest in land from one party to another for valuable consideration (3 Words)
15.When a public body such as a Government Department can force the transfer of land to itself by compensating the owners of such land
16.Person(s) who agree to purchase the land pursuant to an agreement
17.That given for the act or promise of another; in real estate, the amount actually paid for something
18.that which goes beyond its proper limits (dimensions)
19.a spouse's life estate and other rights in a homestead
20.A detailed Statement prepared in a real estate transaction oulining the adjustments between Vendor and Purchaser and arriving at the amount due on closing (3 Words)
21.a pledge or promise
22.Bank, trust and loan company, credit union etc.
1.Registration on Titl, which the Seller is obligated to discharge pursuant to an undertaking (3 Words)
3.Any charge on land created or effected according to law for any purpose inclusive of mortgage, lien or writ
4.Funds to be forwarded to Vendor's Solicitor to Finalize Sale/Purchase (3 Words)
5.A report prepared by a qualified Alberta Land Surveyor in relation to the land (3 Words)
6.Honesty of Intention (2 Words)
8.refers to a document
9.Document evidencing ownership (3 Words)
10.Amount borrowed or still left owing
12.A right to acquire by one person by another over another's land for a specific purpose
13.A design covering the division of an area of real property into small parcels or lots (2 Words)
14.Proof of insurance from insurance company provided to the lender

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