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1 2
  3   4
7 8        
11                 12          
14                 15  
  16     17   18
19   20                          
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23         24                  

6.a color scheme that would be a good selection for rocks, mountains, deserts, or beaches
9.combined desolate cities with eerie views of architecture, statues, trains, & shadows from the setting sun
11.a view of an expanse of a body of water like an ocean, lake, or sea
12.a dark area or shape produced by an object coming between rays of light and a surface
14.an unbroken view of the whole environmental region surrounding an observer
19.an artist uses this to create work that is related to fantasy; not observational
21.the general area or scenery behind the main objects in a painting or image
22.variety of techniques used to illustrate depth on the picture plane
23.last name of this artist who founded the style called Impressionism
24.capturing the changes in color & this were the emphasis of Impressionistic paintings
25.Midwestern artist who portrayed an idealized rural community in his paintings
26.the natural coloring matter of animal or plant tissue that makes the colors we use in crayons, pencils, paints, & other art materials
27.blue color scheme of tints and shades that would be good in a sky or water scene
1.artist recognized for vibrant colors & thick, swirling, rhythmic lines
2.artist who often painted images of leisurely activities taking place near water
3.a picture representing an area of countryside
4.temperature of water we should use to wash brushes without melting the glue that holds them together
5.the "vehicle" that moves paint across a canvas or thins out the color
7.photographer known for his black & white images of monumental locations
8.artist who sketched the American West on site and then returned to his studio to paint the unspoiled vistas
10.the direction outdoor images are usually arranged or photographed
13.artist who painted landscapes that showed "conflict" inspired by stories
15.the visual appearance of a city or urban area
16.technique named for using small dots, or points, of color
17.description of art that uses a variety of materials on the same surface at the same time
18.the part of a view that is nearest to the observer in a picture or photograph
20.color scheme made of warm reds, oranges, & yellows for a hot sun

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