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cerebral cortex

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3.separates cerebrum and cerebellum
5.area of the cortex that allows us to observe the different odors
12.area that enables us to recognize things like faces
13.neurons found in the cortex
15.ability to identify body region being stimulated
18.islands of gray matter deep in white matter
20.left side controls right side and vice versa
21.cerebral hemisphere accounts for 83% of this
22.cortex area that control learned motor skills of a repetitious nature
23.the cortex is where our _______ mind is found
24.large neurons in the gyri of the primary motor cortex
27.the many convolutions of the cortex help increase this
28.largest cortical sensory areas
29.area of the cortex found in the postcentral gyrus
31.structural areas of the cortex
32.directs muscles involved in speech production
35.one of the ways that sound impulses are interpreted as
37.hemisphere were we find Broca's area
38.perception of taste stimuli
39.the primary visual cortex receives visual information from this area of the eye
40.the primary auditory cortex lies against the _____ sulcus
41.the auditory areas are found on this lobe
1.one of the ways that sound impulses are interpreted as
2.elevated ridges
4.area that integrates sensory inputs
6.deeper grooves that separate hemispheres
7.primary visual cortex is found on this lobe
8.position sense receptors
9.area that perceives sound as what we hear, like a scream or a whisper or a beeping
10.shallow grooves
11.internal white matter of cerebrum
14."little man" location on cortex represents area of body and size represents # of neurons
16.cortex area that allows us to consciously control precise or skilled voluntary movements
17.perceives upset stomach or full bladder
19.part of the cortex that makes us aware of balance and position of head in space
25.fissure that separates left and right hemispheres
26.mapping of the body in the CNS
30.lobe that contains the postcentral gyrus
33.sulcus that separates anterior from posterior cerebrum
34.the auditory association area stores _____ of past sounds
36.outer gray matter of the cerebrum

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