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Ch.4 Perception & Sensations

No spaces between words

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1.change in sensitivity of sensory receptors (2 Words)
5.People who are blind to hues, Most common form of color "blindness".
9.smell blindness
11.The experience of sensory stimulation
12.Small opening in the iris through which light enters the eye
13.When you get dizzy, this structure is involved \
14.sense of movement and body position.
16.has the most numerous receptors in the body
18.another name for myopia.
19.visual receptor cells that are important for night vision and peripheral vision.
21.Whether size or shape, this principle refers to the tendency to perceive familiar objects as unchanging (2 Words)
23.nerve that carries impulses from the retina to the brain. Also creates a blind spot in the eye. (2 Words)
2.expectation of what will be perceived (2 Words)
3.Contains three small bones; the hammer, anvil, and stirrup
4.innermost coating of the back of the eye. made up of cones and rods.
7.the weakest amount of a of stimulus a person can detect. (2 Words)
8.Sound Collecting Cone
10.when perceptual cues are distorted so that our brain cannot correctly interpret space, size, and depth cues.
15.The process interpreting sensory information
17.visual receptor cells that are important in color vision.
20.center of the visual field; contains color receptor cells\
22.Thickens or thins to focus incoming light\

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