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Music Crossword I

Liz Jones

Find the words of music elements and composers.

1 2
4     5       6  
  9       10                
11               12    
14 15                
17           18        
19         20          

3.This one is not filled in.
4.The high clef.
7.It is kind of like a 1/4 of a dollar.
9.And the beat goes on.
11.They are so catty.
15.The gang is all here, ready to play.
16."Where is he?"
17.Hammer down.
18.You do not lean on, but you can read it.
19.Down times.
20."Ha ha ha ha ha!"
21.Do not cross it.
1.That's the end.
2."What did you say?"
5.They make the boxes.
6.There can be four notes or three notes in this container
8.You can FACE it.
10.It has four movements.
12.It puts it all together.
13."This ceremony is quite loud."
14.All together now.

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