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Review of meteorology terms

1 2 3    
4                             5
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2.air that blows from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure
4.this scale is used to classify hurricanes
8.the effect of earth's rotation on air and water
9.air which holds all the water vapor it can at that temperature
10.the layer of the atmosphere in which weather takes place
11.falling rain, snow, sleet or hail
13.a weather instrument that measures relative humidity
17.the current state of the atmosphere
18.water vapor changing into liquid water
21.the amount of water vapor in the air compared to the amount of water vapor that could be in the air at that temperature
22.a local wind that occurs during the night at the beach
24.a large body of air that has the same characteristics as the surface over which it develops
25.a weather instrument that measures relative humidity
26.a weather instrument that measures wind speed
1.air, dust or smoke around which water vapor condenses
3.a line on a weather map that connects points of equal atomospheric pressure
5.the amount of water vapor in the air
6.wind blowing into a low pressure system blows in this pattern
7.a stratus cloud that is on the ground
9.a local wind that occurs during the day at the beach
12.this event occurs when the southeast trade witnds change direction, bringing poor fishing conditions in Peru
14.liquid water changing into water vapor
15.a weather instrument that measures temperature
16.the temperature at which air is saturated and condensation begins
19.this gas can vary from 0%-4% in the atmosphere
20.this global wind belt covers most of the USA
23.the boundary between two air masses

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