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6.common rock salt
8.when relatively large spaces are between particles
11.solid material in the earth's crust
13.rocks formed when lava solidifies above the earth's surface
15.rocks that appear to have been molten in the past
16.fossils that extend through several layers of fossils
17.liquid fossil fuel
20.consists of the coarsest grade of clastic sedimentary rock (grains, pebbles, gravels)
24.metamorphosed from limestone
26.precipitates directly out of seawater
27.form from minerals dissolved in water
28.molten rock found anywhere beneath the earth's surface
29.rocks formed when lava solidifies below the earth's surface
30.liquids can pass thorough easily due to large spaces between particles
31.magma and lava that contains much silica
1.type of sedimentary rock that appears to have fragments of rocks cemented togehter
2.a trace of a once living organism
3.magma and lava that have less silica and more magnesium and iron
4.difference in average of mineral crystals
5.column of rock layers that extends through time from earliest rocks to recently deposited rocks
7.fossils that "seemingly" link layers of sediment together in age.
9.any intrusive rock formation formed deep in the ground
10.Some fossils are this instead of transitional fossils between ape and man
12.rock that forms from moving water or wind that lays down massive amounts of eroded material
14.rocks that appear to have changed due to heat, pressure or exposure to hot fluids
17.shiny, black, glassy-looking extrusive igneous rock
18.minerals that crystallized out of liquid and settles as a solid
19.rocks that have a banded appearance
20.fossil fuel that formed from decayed plant and animal matter
21.fossil fuel that is believed to be a by produce from oil
22.metamorphosed from quartz sandstone
23.formed when evaporation of water leaves minerals behind
25.molten rock that flows onto the earth's surface

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