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Follicular Phase

Alex Trott

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1.What is it called when the a CL is stopping production of progesterone?
3.What means to grow new blood vessels?
6.Prostaglandin F2a causes the release of what type of enzyme?
9.What is having a negative effect on the Hypothalamus during the Luteal phase?
12.What causes a massive surge of LH?
14.What hormone does the Theca interna cell produce?
15.What hormone causes the growth of new blood vessels?
16.What phase does the oocyte stop after the removal of the meiotic inhibition?
22.What must breakdown to cause the oocyte to continue through Meiosis?
23.What phase are oocytes arrested at after birth?
24.What is the term used for follicle death?
25.What hormone causes the Mammary ducts to develop?
26.How many waves of follicles does the normal cow have during their estrous cycle?
27.The name of the phase when progesterone is high and estrogen is low.
28.What is the word used for noise?
2.What increases in the reproduction tract when there is high estrogen that protects against infection?
4.What enzyme breaks down Collagen?
5.What transforms into Large Luteal cells?
7.Growth of what increases in the repro tract during high amounts of estrogen?
8.What is the word used for mating posture?
10.What hormone does inhibin affect?
11.What type of follicles are involved in cyclic recruitment?
13.What hormone must be in the correct ratio with LH to recruit follicles out of the gonadotropin sensitive pool?
14.What transforms into small luteal cells?
15.What is the point of increasing blood flow and muscle contractions?
17.What else besides inhibin has a negative affect on the production of FSH?
18.When a follicle comes out of the gonadotropin sensitve pool, what is it called?
19.The name of the phase when estrus behavior is present.
20.What hormone does the Granulosal cell produce?
21.What is the term used for a fertilized egg?
29.Does the horse have one major spike of LH leading to ovulation?

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