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Fetal Presentation

Lauri Gilkeson and Shital Patel

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6.posterior bony projections into the pelvic outlet from the ischial bones that form the lower border of the pelvis.
8.fetal legs are completely extended up towards the fetal shoulders.
9.fetal head presents in a neutral position, neither flexed nor extended.
10.sustained (greater than 10 minutes) baseline FHR of less than 110 yo 120 bpm.
12.A _________ delivery is the birth through the vagina.
13.flexed position with the buttocks presenting first.
16.A ________ delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus.
18.the fetus
19.________ presentation is a situation at childbirth where the fetus is in a longitudinal lie and the head enters the pelvis first.
20.location of a fixed reference point on the fetal presenting part in relation to a specific quadrant of the maternal pelvis.
21.The level of the presenting part in relation to the maternal ischial spines.
22.the Maternal pelvis.
23.the relationship of the fetus’ body parts to one another.
1.lowest portion of the true pelvis.
2.one or both of the fetal legs are extended , presenting first into the maternal pelvis.
3.the fetal part that enters the pelvic inlet first and leads through the birth canal during labor.
4.happens when the umbilical cord precedes the fetus' exit from the uterus.
5.fetal head is fully extended. Occiput is near the fetal spine.
7.Occurs when the widest diameter of the fetal presenting part has passed through the pelvic inlet.
10.unsttable presentation that converts to a vertex if head flexes, or to a face presentation if the head extends.
11.fetal head is flexed so that his chin touches the chest.
12.fetal head presents fully flexed
14.the upper limit of the pelvic cavity.
15.presentation that occurs when the fetal buttocks enter the maternal pelvis first.
17.pressure on the head caused by the narrow birth canal (vagina and pelvic bones) may mold the head into an oblong shape.

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