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Vocabulary List Year 10

Faiyaz Khan

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1.carefree, cheerful, cheery, chirpy, gladsome, gleeful, jaunty, jocund, jolly, jovial
4.charm, superstition, talisman
5.backbreaking, burdensome, exhausting, fatiguing, formidable
7.astound, bewilder, confound, daze, dumbfound, flabbergast
10.compassionate, considerate, generous, helpful, humane, humanitarian, kindhearted
12.acceptance, accession, acquiescence, admission, admitting
16.advocate, aficionado, backer, believer, devotee, disciple, enthusiast, fan, hanger-on
18.promptitude, promptness, quickness, quickwittedness, sharpness, sprightliness, spryness, suppleness, swiftness
19.crude, green, guileless, infant, jejune, jellybean, juvenile, kid, low tech, naive
20.adherence, ardor, consecration, constancy, dedication, deference, devotion, duty, faithfulness, fealty, fidelity, homage
1.broadness, diameter, distance across, latitude, span, spread, wideness
2.activate, cheer, embolden, encourage, energize, enliven, exalt, excite, fire, gladden
3.adaptation, compliance, composition, compromise, conformity
4.alter, ameliorate, better, change, elevate, enhance, fix, help
5.allay, alleviate, assuage, blunt, calm, compose, conciliate
6.badger, bedevil, beleaguer, bore, bother
8.abhorrent, atrocious, awful, bad, base, beastly
9.display, disport, exhibit, expose, flash, gesture, parade, raise, shake, show
11.aloof, assuming, audacious, autocratic, bossy, bragging, cavalier, conceited, contemptuous,
12.carry out, conduct, control, crack the whip, direct, execute
13.dejected, despairing, despondent, disconsolate, dismal
14.breakable, crisp, crumbling, crumbly, delicate, frail, frangible, friable, inelastic
15.astray, erring, wrong
17.do penance, expiate, make amends, make redress, make reparation
18.pain, sicken, trouble, upset

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