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Vocabulary Unit 9E

Ms. Worcester

Complete the puzzle using the clues and the word bank below. Some endings may change.

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1.(adj.) stubbornly disobedient
4.Eyewitness accounts of an accident rarely our totally _____.
6."I may be aging", the famous movie star replied, "but I am hardly _____."
10.Traditionally most religious denominations hold special ceremonies to _____ a knew house of worship.
12.(adj.) having great variety
14.A(n) _____ animal has a greater chance of survival than one that depends on a single food source.
17.(n.) a lack of feeling, emotion, or interest
19.(v.) to make ineffective or useless; to cripple
1.All around the world, the new millenium was ushered in with both prayers and _____.
2.(v.) to praise
3.As the hurricane approached, ______ residents all along the coast prepared for the worst.
5.(adj.) stingy, miserly
7.(n.) an expression of sympathy
8.In his novels, Dickens has hard words for those who take cruel advantage of _____ young people.
9.(n.) an injury done in return for injury
11.The deep _____ between the Montagues and Capulets could not prevent romeo and juliet from falling in love.
13.Try as I might, I could see no way out of the ethical _____ in which I found myself.
15.In order to remain competitive, manufacturing companies periodically replace _____ machines.
16.Nick Charles, the clever detective in the Thin Man movies, is a _____ man-about-town.
18.(v.) to ridicule

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