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SW Asia Geography Review

Coach Key

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1.The belief that one's actions determines one's fate
3.Into which country does the Ganges River flow after it leaves India?
7.Which religion is considered one of the oldest in the world?
8.Which river has been polluted by people disposing of dead bodies?
10.This country is an island nation east of China
11.Which country is a peninsula?
12.Confucianism was founded in this country
14.What type of resource is a deposit of coal?
15.The belief that social class is hereditary (2 words)
16.What is the name of the Hindu sacred text
17.The worship of one god
19."What you do not like when done to you, do not to others" (2 words)
20.Muslim holy book
24.What Buddhist teaching shows its followers the correct way to live their lives? (2 words)
26.Acid rain in China is dangerous because it can harm? (3 words)
29.This river runs through Pakistan and empties into the Indian Ocean
30.Basic beliefs of Islam (2 words)
33.Into what body of water does the Yangtze flow? (3 words)
34.What was one of the big concerns for the athletes during the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing, China? (2 words)
35.Which river is the longest in China?
2.This river begins in China and runs through Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia
4.This is called the "roof of the world" (2 words)
5.The climate of India is affected by seasonal winds called
6.Shintoism was founded in this country
9.What is the name for a body of land that is surrounded by water on three sides?
13.Which type of climate makes Vietnam ideal for growing rice? (3 words)
18.Which river flows through India and Bangladesh to the Bay of Bengal?
21.This physical feature is found in China and Mongolia
22.What is located at the mouth of the Yangtze river?
23.Which has a major effect on the climate of Japan? (2 words)
25.This physical feature is East of India and West of Myanmar
27.Which is one of the most common industrial pollutants found in the Yangtze River?
28.Where was the religion of Buddhism founded?
31.This country is bordered by Pakistan to the west and China to the north
32.What is loess?

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