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MTS Features

1 2
3                   4           5
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  11       12    

3.Feature that lets your calls follow you.
9.Unheard messages will be stored up to 14 days
13.A way to track your calls! Only $4.00
14.For $11.00 a month you can enjoy call display and MiniMail
15.When using 4G your airtime charges can increase up to 6X
16.Feature that's useful when you have the Grand Beach flu.
1.With this service you'll also receive Call Forward at no extra cost.
2.Wide range of functions from finding the forecast to movie listings
4.Get everything you need for $21.00
5.Useful when you can't afford to miss a call. However, not available on the 4G network.
6.This feature let's you receive everything in one place
7.The cost to communicate with your 5 besties
8.Helps in selective call answering
10.This feature is accompanied by a two-beep tone.
11.Includes unlimited text and media messages for only $16.00
12.Let's you start unlimited evenings and weekends quicker

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