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Geographical Knowledge

Simon Cheatle

Test your geographical knowledge with this monster puzzle

2             3
  4           5
6               7             8
9 10       11            
      12 13 14      
  15                             16      
    17                   18
              20   21
22                 23                          
24               25                
26     27                
28                         29      
    31 32                        
    33                 34
36           37                          
38                 39      

2.Another name for the Netherlands
4.UK major river running through London
6.Largest country in Africa by area now that Sudan has split into two nations
7.Huge wave created by an undersea earthquake
11.USA state with the Grand Canyon
15.Store of molten rock several kilometres below a volcano
16.Capital city of Peru
17.Occurs when there is not enough water in a nation or region
22.Largest city of Brazil
23.Limestone icicles hanging down in a cavern
24.Large island nation in the Indian Ocean well known for its unusual animal species
27.The study of water and river flow
28.Zero degrees of longitude
30.Continent with most people
32.The collective word for rain, snow, sleet and hail
33.One of the three capital cities of South Africa..located in the far south.
36.Third largest country after Russia and Canada
37.The state of not having either enough food or not enough variety of food
38.Angular measurement of location in respect to the equator
39.Staple carbohydrate food for most people living in South East Asia
40.Largest island of Japan
1.The location of the worlds largest single store of fresh water
3.Sea in between Sweden and Finland
4.Second largest USA state after Alaska
5.Island in the Caribbean..capital city is Kingston
8.Layer of the earth immediately above the outer core
9.Volcano that erupted in AD 79 killing thousands in Pompei
10.Capital city of Slovakia
11.An instrument for measuring wind speed
12.Captial and major city of Thailand
13.A measure of a nations wealth..the value of all goods and services produced in one year
14.Units of atmopheric presure
18.A measure of the % of a nations people who can read and write
19.Londons busiest airport
20.USA state with capital called Sacramento
21.Island located at the foot of Italy
25.High mountain range running down the western side of South America
26.The world river with the largest volume of water
28.Largest ocean in the world
29.South American nation that sounds like a hot spicy Mexican dish
31.Highest mountain peak above sea level
34.Largest city in Pakistan
35.Holy city for Muslims to which many make a pilgrimage

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