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BIOLOGY cells, evolution, mendel, etc.

Mrs. E :-)

Happy studying!!!

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10.Process by which evolution occurs; natural
11.In genetic terms, evolution is a change in the relative frequencies of alleles n the
12.Organisms that have cells without nuclei are called
14.What units determine biological characteristics
15.The nucleus stores almost all of a cell’s
16.Vestigial structures in organisms serve little or no apparent
19.During Darwin’s time, many people believed that the Earth and its organisms did not
20.The factor that differs among the test groups of an experiment is called a
22.The name of Darwin’s book:
26.Natural selection acting on a normal distribution of phenotypes in which the fittest individuals correspond to the center of the graph is called
27.Proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection
30.Change over time
35.The backbone of large organic molecules is made mostly of
37.Living things grow
38.Speciation in nature usually occurs because populations become separated by a
40.Each chromosome contains two strands called
41.To which class of macromolecules do sugars belong?
43.Natural selection is also known as the survival of the
44.Living things respond
48.The principle that states that all living things share common ancestors is called
49.Artists and historians are not scientist because they do not rely on the
52.Refers to the variety of living things
53.When a cell doubles its diameter, its internal volume increases by
54.Islands that Darwin visited
55.Who was the first person to study heredity scientifically?
56.Carbon is released from the Krebs cycle in the form of
57.The name of the ship that Darwin traveled on
58.Duplicated chromosomes separate from each other during
59.Living things obtain and
1.Chromosomes line up across the middle of the cell during
2.The smallest working units of living things are
3.Two populations that occupy the same habitat but do not share a gene pool are
4.What regulates the timing of the cell cycle?
5.A hypothesis can be described as a
6.The collection of facts, observations, and hypotheses about the history of life is called
7.He is considered as the Father of Genetics
8.Structures that are similar
9.A random change in the frequency of an allele in a gene pool is called
13.Which macromolecules are waxy or oily?
17.The pigment in green plants, where photosynthesis takes place is
18.According to the Endosymbiont hypothesis, early ancestors of mitochondria were
21.What is the study of heredity known as
23.Required for new species to form
24.Had different shaped shells depending on the island they were from
25.Charles Darwin was unaware of the works of
26.Darwin proposed that natural selection occurs because of natural variation, the struggle for existence, and the
28.A group of tissues that work together form an
29.Living things are made
31.is a source of inheritable variation in organisms.
32.When two species evolve together
33.Formation of new species
34.Crossing different true-breeding stocks produces offspring called
36.Farmers improve domestic plants and animals by
39.When organisms disappear from the earth
42.Biology is the study of
45.The cytoplasm divides during
46.A characteristic that helps an organism survive
47.Chromosomes first appear in the longest phase of mitosis called
50.Living things can
51.Well-supported testable explanation

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