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2 3       4
  5 6  
7       8           9            
10                 11        
  13           14        
  15   16   17          

2.labels, MSDS and worker training
7.protects you from inhaling hazardous materials
9.report incidents and hazards to
10.safety is this for everyone
13.Lifting incorrectly can cause injury to this area
14.These must not be blocked in case of an emergency
17.you must do this when you have an incident
18.responsible for safety
1.First Aid measures are found on this document
3.something that may hurt you
4.Hand protection
5.Practicing this well will prevent slips, trip and falls
6.This happens when you don't get enough sleep
8.Doing this will identify hazards
11.Report these to your supervisor/manager
12.Good work-life balance contributes to this
15.something you do on the road that has a risk of causing an incident
16.Lift with this not your back

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