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Baroque Period

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1.H. The loudness and softness of volume in music
5.T. This is the main melody of a fugue
10.J. This was an Italian composer famous for writing many instrumental string works in the Late Period of the Baroque Era
11.C. Keyboard instrument with foot pedals, long pipes, and stops that change the timbre
12.G. These are like little "decorations" for your notes. This can be described as frilly or "ornate."
13.P. This type of chord sounds "Happy" or "Positive"
15.R. These were the Baroque composers version of "moods"
16.N. This musical texture describes one single melody with chordal accompaniment
19.Q. This type of chord sounds "sad" or "negative"
20.E. Along with the Bass line, this musical line was also very important in Baroque Polyphony
22.O. This is the type of chord that sounds unresolved and uncomfortabale
24.U. This is a musical technique where the subject is flipped upside down
2.B. Keyboard instrument capable of very small dynamics changes
3.V. This is a musical technique where the subject is written backwards
4.W. This is a musical technique where the subject is expanded
6.A. The Lowest part of a Baroque Orchestra. This part is often played by cello/bass, bassoon, and harpsichord
7.F. The numbers on top of a Bass line that inform the keyboardist what chords to play with the right hand
8.D. Keyboard instrument that would often play the Basso Continuo part with the performer's left hand
9.K. This German Composer was famous for writing intricate polyphony. He wrote lots of Fugues and lots of organ music
10.L. This is the highest string instrument in the Baroque Orchestra
14.X. This is a musical technique where the subject is shortened
17.M. This is an Italian composer famous for writing vocal compositions (including Operas) in the Early Period of the Baroque Era.
18.I. _______________ Dynamics consisted of switching between dynamic levels very abruptly
21.Y. This is a sung drama with orchestral accompaniment
23.S. This is a contrapuntal polyphonic composition where the Subject (melody) gets repeated in different voices

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