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C&E Unit 1 Vocabulary Puzzle

Mr. Lopez

Put the correct word in each area of the puzzle. Use the sentence clues to help you.

2 3           4     5
  7   8    
14 15                
    16   17    

3.Reading class is more enjoyable than soccer!
9.We need results that we can see. They need to be measureable!
11.Even though we are exhausted from so much work, we are happy to be in school.
13.The manager gave his employees an incentive. If they finish early he will buy them dinner.
14.The mother elephant provided for her baby by giving her milk and food.
18.An education is the most valuable thing you can have.
19.I need to find something hollow, so I can hide this letter.
20.In the military, officers must follow the captain's orders.
1.If you exercise and don't eat, you can get very weak. It is important that you eat before or after.
2.I don't do it often, but at times, I like to listen to Jazz music.
4.The plane broke down, so we had to wait 3 hours for them to fix it.
5.What color dress has she chosen, black or blue?
6.His story is so crazy, it is unbelievable.
7.Rather than worry, you should just sit down and do the work.
8.Is Jeffrey okay? He has turned into a quiet person.
10.Did you get all the supplies we need for our trip? Don't forget to bring batteries!
12.You need to apply pressure to close that box.
15.She can run roughly,or almost, 3 miles in 5 minutes.
16.Finally, we understand how to use the pre-reading strategies.
17.This computer needs to be fixed. It is not usable at the moment.

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