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Medications of the Respiratory System

Whitney E.

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2.Newer LT receptor agonist, safe for children 6 years and older.
3.Toxicity levels for this drug are concentrations exceeding 20/mcg/mL and can cause hyperglycemia, decreased clotting time, and increased WBC count
5.Loosen bronchial secretions so they can be eliminated by coughing. Most common preparation of this medication is guaifenesin.
10.With continuous use may dry the nasal mucosa.
13.Relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi, bronchioles, and pulmonary blood vessels by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase, which promotes bronchodilation.
14.This herb may be used as a nasal decongestant.
15.Stimulate teh alpha-adrenergic receptors, producing vascular constriction of the capillaries within the nasal mucosa.
21.Beta-adrenergic drug used to treat asthma, and is more selective to beta2, works by causing bronchodilation with long duration of action.
23.Commonly used as cold remedies, these agents can also treat allergic rhinitis
24.The most common side effects of ____generation of antihistamines include: drowsiness, fatiuge, and disturbed coordination.
26.When using this type of inhaler, the client should be closely monitored when epinephrine is administered.
27.A combination inhaler used to treat chronic bronchitis.
29.Recommended in treatment for exercise induced asthma.
30.Second major group of bronchodilaters, stimulate the CNS, respiration, dilate coronary and pulmonary vessels, and cause diuresis. Used to treat asthma.
31.Act on the cough-control center in the medulla to suppress the cough reflex. The three types of this medication are: narcotic, non-narcotic, and combination preparations.
32.Primarily beta2 but has some beta1 effect. For long term asthma treatment.
1.Effective in reducing the inflammatory symptoms of asthma. Not recommended for an acute asthma attack.
2.Excessive use of this med can cause tolerance and paradoxic bronchoconstriction.
4.Is administered by aerosol, has fewer systemic effects, and is used to treat asthmatic conditions by dilating the bronchioles.
6.This generation of Antihistamines is also known as the nonsedating antihistamines
7.This med can be administered IM, IV, and PO. It is well absorbed via the GI tract, and has a half-life of 2-7hours.
8.Important nursing interventions for this class of drugs are: Monitor BP and HR, check for cardiac dysrhythmias, and administer meds after meals to decrease GI diseases
9.Clients who use a beta-agonist inhalant should administer it ____minutes before using ipratropium.
11.Effective for treating allergic rhinitis, should not be used for more than 30 days.
12.Is administered in emergency situations to restore circulation and increase airway patency
16.The doctor should be called with this medication if the cough lasts longer than a week and a fever or rash is present.
17.This med has a low theraputic index and a narrow theraputic range of 10-20mcg/.mL
18.This med is a non-narcotic antitussive, suppresses the cough center but does not depress respiration.
19.This medication should not be used in patients with narrow angle glaucoma.
20.Is an Alpha1, beta1, and beta2 agonist, given SQ to promote bronchodilation and elevate blood pressure.
22.Used to treat bronchospasms. No alpha-agonist properties, stimulates both beta1 and beta2 receptors.
25.Usage of nasal decongestants for more than____days could result in rebound nasal congestion.
28.This herb may increase the effect of the theophylline group and may cause theophylline toxicity.

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