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Biology 2 animals and plants

Mrs. E

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3.A virus is a nonliving particle that contains DNA or RNA and that can infect
6.Mushrooms, including toadstools and bracket fungi, are examples of
8.Because their reproductive cycles are similar to those of plants, what are also considered plants?
10.Ectotherms obtain the heat they need from the
12.a characteristic that animals share (19 letters)
13.The name of a phyla that starts with a d
17.a characteristic that animals share (22 letters)
19.What do bryophytes have that encolse their reproductive cells to prevent them from drying out?
22.What enables bryophytes to absorb water and nutrients from the soil?
23.a characteristic that animals share ( 17 letters)
24.a characteristic that animals share ( 11 letters)
25.What is a vertebrate with four limbs
26.What did the Cambrian explosion produce a variety of?
29.What does the virus attach to in step one of the lytic and lysogenic cycles?
31.The cerebellum is best developed in
35.Which animals have both male and female reproductive organs?
36.Bacteria are cells without nuclei, or
38.In many fungi, spores are produced in structures called...
42.Where are Eubacteria found? Almost everywhere
43.The largest animal phylum contains the
44.The first animals to show bilateral symmetry were the
45.The 4th step of this infection is: conditions cause provirus to separate and destroy host's DNA
46.The name of a phyla that starts with a z
47.What technique do Farmers use to combine the best characteristics of two different plants?
48.In the thrid step of the lytic infection, what is assembled?
1.What are classified into phyla by the way they move?
2.The mesoderm lined body cavity found in some invertebrates is called
3.What are used in the processing of foods, chemical and wastewater?
4.What do brophyytes have that protect them against water loss?
5.a characteristic that animals share ( 24 letters)
7.The age of a plant determines whether is it is classified as an...
9.When a virus infects a cell, where does it release it’s own genetic material? into the
11.An external skeleton is an
14.What mosquito transmits the protist that causes malaria?
15.a characteristic that animals share ( 12 letters)
16.In plants, the main organs of photosynthesis are the
18.Because plants had a type of cell that was specialized to conduct water, where did they manage to survive?
20.The first vertebrates that did not need water for reproduction were
21.What do plants take in through structures called root hairs?
27.Phototropism results in seedling stems growing...
28.Which vertebrate has the most advanced respiratory system?
30.what type of oxygen do algae produce in nature? (see chapter 24)
32.Drugs that destroy bacteria are called
33.In the lytic infection, what breaks open to release new viruses?
34.The name of a phyla that starts with a b
37.The name of a phyla that starts with an a
39.The largest group of fishes is the
40.What happens to the bacterium's DNA in step two of the lytic cycle? It is...
41.a characteristic that animals share (9 letters)

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