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Getting to know the Greeks

Laura Dickey

These clues and answers are all words that came from Greek mythology. The first part of the clue is the answer's definition, and the second part is the Greek myth from which it came. See how many you can get!

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1.Lively and unpredictable/he was the Roman version of Hermes, the god of thieves and pranksters
4.Book of maps/he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders
6.Extremely difficult/he had 12 labors, Hera did him no favors
8.Extremely complicated/the Minotaur lived there, but nothing else lived there for long!
10.Building with great works of art, historical artifacts, or any collection worth seeing/they were 9 sisters who were goddesses of art and literature
11.Warlike/he was the Roman version of Ares
13.Enormous/they used to be in charge, until the Olympians took over
14.Scared beyond reason/you may know I have goat legs and a weakness for nymphs, but did you know I am also the god of fear?
15.Long series of travels/it took him ten years to get home after the Trojan War
2.Extremely delicious/grub good enough for the gods
3.Loud, warning noise/their songs were so sweet that ships wrecked trying to listen
5.Spider/she bet that her weaving skills were better than Athena's and lost
7.Delightful or blissful/if you've got to go to Hades, this is the place to be
9.To tease with something delicious or appealing/food and drink was always close by, but he was forever hungry and thirsty
12.Very handsome man/even Aphrodite fell in love with him

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