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Medical Transcription Crossword Puzzle

Audrey Kirchner

Puzzle allows for use of hyphen (if applicable in empty space between words); also allows for 2-word answer (empty space between words).

2 3       4
6         7               8  
10                       11
    12                 13  
  16               17         18               19
  20     21                               22        
23                         24 25              
    26 27 28                    
          29 30        
  31               32        
33     34               35            
36 37                 38 39  
          40       41                  
  43                             44         45
      46                   47  
  49             50      

3.Name of scissors, needle, stand
6.Tenaculum used to grasp the cervical lips (2 words - hyphenated)
9.What does p.r.n. mean?
10.Kind of retractor used for hysterectomy (2 words - hyphenated)
12.Common procedure for vaginal surgery is dorsal _____
14.Thin membrane lining abdominal and pelvic cavities
15.Acronym meaning left ventricle or left ventricular
16.Vaginal wall repair
18.Name of suture material (brand name)
20.Muscles used to assist in respiration
22.Name brand for furosemide
23.Type of cholangiogram (means done during surgery)
25.Type of colic involving the gallbladder
29.Name of surgical clamp
31.Sensation of burning, tingling, prickling
33.Name of suture material
35.Left in place; not moved
37.Other color besides white matter composed of neuronal tissue of brain
40.Acronymn for congestive heart failure
41.Under the tongue
43.Abnormally low concentration of sodium (below 135)
44.Name of catheter scale
46.Protein in the urine
48.Expansion for dangerous abbreviation subq
49.Cardiac glycoside
51.Separate or distinct
52.Type of anesthesia where patient is fully asleep
1.Type of native American Indiian sacred dwelling
2.Type of insulin
4.Acronym for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
5.Used to treat angina; comes in tablets/paste/ointment
7.Type of aspirin with protection (2 words - hyphenated)
8.Coughing up blood
11.Name brand for isosorbide dinitrate
13.Dangerous abbreviation expansion for q.h.s. or h.s. (2 words)
17.Type of diet prescribed by American Diabetic Association
19.Dangerous abbreviation expansion for q.d.
21.Instrument used for minimally invasive surgeries in abdomen
24.Type of anesthesia by way of trachea
26.Brand name of cholangiogram dye
27.Done through the skin
30.To remove a tube
32.IV corticosteroid for trouble breathing or wheezing (2 words - hyphenated)
34.Referring to method to take medicine p.o.
36.Injection used to vasoconstrict cervix during hysterectomy
38.A sac-like cavity (3 words - hyphenated)
39.Brand name for metaproterenol metered dose inhaler
42.Warfarin sodium/blood thinner
45.Name of laparoscopic trocar and sleeve
47.Enzyme that aids breakdown of starch into sugars
50.By way of

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