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Civil Litigation, Chapter 8

Rhonda Hadnot

Chapter 8 Key Words

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1.Latin for "and others," used to indicate additional parties in a case name, for example
3.Paper required for all litigation documents filed, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, with numbered lines on the left-hand margin
5.Document establishing method and date of service of pleading or other document
6.Claims that must be brought in the same action as those in the complaint
9.Defendants who are named only as "Does" in the caption and pleading because their identities are unknown at the time of pleading
10.Examples of work product
12.Service of summons on the defendant by personal delivery
13.Time within which matters must be filed or all rights will be forfeited
15.Document that certifies the truth of a pleading or discovery responses under oath
18.The doctrine allowing the allegations of a complaint to be asserted against a "Doe" defendant after the statute of limitations has run
19.Service of summons on the defendant by personal deliverey to a person and the defendant's home or place of business, followed by mail service
20.Service by publishing a notice in the newspaper under conditions specified by the court when personal service is unsuccessful
2.Mail service of summons including a form to be returned by the defendant indicating receipt
4.Non-compulsory joinder of claims by cross-complaint
7.Statement of nature and amount of damages required in personal injury cases in state court
8.Pleading style in federal court which does not require that facts be pleaded
11.The number assigned by the court clerk to the complaint when it is filed for the first time
14.Signature by attorney or party on pleading or discovery document
16.Under oath
17.The portion of a pleading or official document which contains the identification of the parties, the case number, and document title

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