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Sea creatures

Name some of the deep sea creatures we've been learning about!

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1.What walks sideways and has two pinchers?
5.What is the fastest shark?
7.What is a creature that is like a snake, but can also be electric?
8.What is a fish that can puff up?
9.What is the biggest fish?
10.What squirts a dark ink to defend itself?
14.What is the biggest whale?
16.What do most whales eat?
17.What is a common seafood we eat in New Zealand?
18.What has eight legs?
20.What has several tentacles that can hurt someone quite badly when touched?
2.What is it called when whales and dolphins get stuck on land?
3.What's a really friendly creature in the ocean?
4.What is the most dangerous shark?
6.What type of whale eats other whales?
11.What is a type of plant found on the bottom of the ocean?
12.What is a fish that is famous from a Disney movie?
13.What can hurt you even when it's dead?
15.What creature swims with just its curled tail?
19.What lays eggs on the beach and leaves them there until they hatch?

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