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Southern and Eastern Asia

Ms. Ashcraft's Class

1 2 3
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8                     9     10
12                       13        
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18 19 20           21        

4.a massive structure built along the Yangtze River to provide hydro-electric power (3 Words)
6.This religion started in Japan.
8.In __________ there are five basic relationships among men.
11.seasonal winds that blow hot dry air
12.One of the longest deserts in the world
13.a belief that one's actions determines one's fate
14.The oldest religion in the world, it developed in India
15.In Buddhism, when one reaches a state of perfect peace
16."The Enlightened One"
20.A belief that social class is hereditary and does not change throughout a person's life (2 Words)
22.Workship many Gods
1.tropical hurricanes
2._____________ is the second largest religion in the world.
3.The Ganges River Flows into this body of water (3 Words)
5.The idea that the soul does not die with the body, but enters the body of another being, either a person or animal.
7.The Huang He River is also called the _________ river.
9.Muslims believe in one God, this means they are ______________.
10.Muslims holy book
17.The Ganges river begins high in these mountains
18.___________ rule of Behavior was "what you do not like when done unto yourself, do not unto others."
19.silt that is carried in river water
21.This river is the longest river in China

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