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Management Challenges for the 21st Century

1 2 3 4
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11                   12  

5.This is the most important single new certainty. (NO Spaces)
6.The man who built General Motors into the world's largest manufacturing company. (Last Name)
8.Knowledge-worker _______ is the biggest of the 21st-century management challenges.
11.One set of assumptions underlies the________ of management includes the following: Technologies, markets and end-uses are given; Management’s scope is legally defined; Management is internally focused; The economy as defined by national boundaries is the “ecology” of enterprise and management
14.Everything improved or new needs therefore first to be tested on a small scale, that is, it needs to be _______.
15.Knowledge workers that do both knowledge work and manual work.
1.The first man to work as a manual worker and then to study manual work. (Last Name)
2.When resources need to be freed from previous commitments.
3.Every organization operates on a set of assumptions also know as a _________. (NO Spaces)
4.The only way to find out a worker's strengths.
7.There are ___ major factors that determine knowledge-worker productivitiy
9.One set of assumptions underlies the ________ of management include the following: Management is Business Management; There is one right organization structure; There is one right way to manage people
10.________ is the test of the Theory of the Business
12.The last policy for the change leader to build into the enterprise is a systematic policy of __________, that is , a policy to create change.
13.The second thing to know about how one performs is to know how one ______.

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