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Respiration Crossword

Mr. Kassum

Test your knowledge of respiration so far!

1 2
3                         4          
5 6 7 8                
9                 10   11
  13     14      
15             16                        
17               18            
20                 21        
22 23                    

3.waste product of cellular respiration transported in the blood to the lungs
4.something about an Elder Scroll?
8.inversely proportional to volume; David Bowie and Queen were under this
9.a long tube protected and shaped by cartilage
12.the regular breathing volume of air; big wave
15.finger-like projections in your respiratory tract
16.sensors in your aorta and carotid artery
17.intermediate acid formed after carbon dioxide reacts with water
18.rolling on the floor laughing
20.mr. K's favourite winter activity
22.has a dangerously higher affinity for hemoglobin than carbon dioxide
24.this year's musical production
26.large parachute-like muscle
1.respiratory control centre; worst scientific term ever
2.molecules diffuse across a concentration ____________
5.gym, tan, laundry
6.Winnipeg Jets netminder
7.grape-like clusters in the lungs
10.your body at equilibrium
11.an acidic ion found in the blood
13.iron-containing molecule in the red-blood cell
14.type of respiration in tissues that uses oxygen to release energy; mobile phone
19.houses the vocal chords
21.muscles lining the ribs
23.reacts with glucose during cellular respiration; O
25.Winnipeg Jets captain

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