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Animal Injections

Ms. Brock

Injection Terminology

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1.Resistance to a disease, illness, medicine, etc; Can be good or bad
4.Humane form of putting animals to sleep
5.Material is deposited into or inhaled through nasal cavity
7.The term describing the diameter of a needle; always placed before the length
8.Hypothetical shape on the horse's neck where vaccinations are given
9.Unit of measurement found on most syringes
12.Muscle, other than the neck, where injections are given to non-meat production animals
13.Material injected into the muscle (IM)
14.Made up of a barrel, scale, plunger, plunger cap, finger & thumbrest, and luerlock. Can be plastic, glass or metal
15.Material injected into vein for quick action (IV)
2.Material injected into mammary gland (Teat)
3.Material is deposited at back of throat, animal then swallows it
6.Material injected under skin layer
10.Material injected into spinal cavity
11.Material used as a preventative measure to reduce the chance of being infected with a disease or illness

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