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Yuri's Brush with Magic

Maureen Crane Wartski

A puzzle based on the novel YURI'S BRUSH WITH MAGIC by Maureen Crane Wartski. (For ages 9-13) Available from sleepyhollowbooks.com or Amazon.

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1.Who tries to sell fishing nets in the mountains?
6.Mr. Sol's occupation
7.Name of the narrator?
11.Who wrote this book?
12.Beach bird
13.Yuri's home country
15.One of the bullies in the story
16.Season of the story?
20.What kind of turtle nest do the kids find?
23.A kind of story
24.Ken's sport
26.What is Ken accused of taking?
27.Tammy's gift from her grandmother
28.State capital
29.What flies up the ginger seller's nose?
2.Which American folktale is similar to Urashima Taro?
3.Gemstone or an island on the Outer Banks
4.Halsey's habit?
5.Who is one of bullies in the story?
8.Where does Yuri paint?
9.Which animal is the monk's only friend?
10.Baby turtle
14.Kind of drink
16.What is Tammy trying to remember?
17.The monk's paintbrush?
18.Who sends Tammy a book about turtles?
19.Animal that inspires Yuri's finest painting?
21.What a hot pot or a turtle nest does before hatching
22.What does Ken find that helps him solve the mystery?
25.Japanese word for lilly
26.Tammy loves to...

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