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The Hunger Games Part 2

Miss Noseworthy

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1.What mode of transportation does Katniss take to get to the arena? (Hint: this also retrieves the bodies of the dead tributes)
4.What does Katniss drop on the other tributes from the tree? (2 words)
6.Who sent Katniss her second gift from the sponsors?
9.Peeta's nickname (2 words)
12.What does Katniss cover Rue's body with?
15.Who saves Katniss from the Careers?
16.What is Katniss' first gift from her sponsors?
17.District 11's main industry.
19.Who does Katniss watch to figure out the Careers' booby trapped supplies?
20.What the gamemakers set to make the tributes meet up and make the Games more interesting.
2.The announcer of the Hunger Games; he does the commentary while the Games appear on TV. (2 words)
3.What district is the boy from that Katniss considers her first real kill?
5.The place where most of the supplies are found in the Games, at the centre of the ring of tributes.
7.Which group of tributes does Peeta join up with? (2 words)
8.Katniss teams up with Rue to form this: an ______________
10.One of the things Katniss picks up before she leaves the bloodbath; she coud have died trying to get it.
11.Who does Katniss get the bow and arrow from?
13.What weapon kills Rue?
14.Katniss almost died of this when she couldn't find water.
18.Katniss becomes this in her left ear following the explosion of the Careers' supplies

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