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Digital Photography Definition Puzzle

Paul Burnett

Puzzle for Introduction to Digital Photograhy students to prepare for the coming exam.

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6.A function on the camera to compensate for different colours of light being emitted by different light sources. (2 Words)
8.A device for taking photographs.
9.List of commands that provide controls for copy, paste, tranform etc. (2 Words)
10.A pole on a base of three legs to which a camera can be attached.
11.This tool let you draw irregular selection borders.
12.The degree of hue in colour as perceived subjectively. This effect on colour can be termed strong, vivid, intense, deep, weak, pale, washed out or dull.
16.The three colours to which the human visual system, digital cameras and many other devices are sensitive. (3 Words)
21.The relative opacity (blackness) of an area of a negative, a transparency or a print.
22.A lens with the ability to focus from infinity to extremely closely.
23.The arrangement of the elements (subject and other objects) in a scene or photograph.
25.The clarity of detail in a photo.
26.Refers to the types of colours you will be using in your image. CMYK and RGB are the most important of these modes to be familiar with. (2 Words)
27.Also known as "Value" - The degree of lightness or darkness, or colour variation from cold ____ (blues) to warm ____ (reds), in an area of a print, whether a colour print or a black-and-white print.
29.A file menu command that retrieves an image from another file.
30.Picture Element: digital photographs are comprised of thousands or millions of them; they are the building blocks of a digital photo.
1.The distance between the nearest and farthest points that appears in acceptably sharp focus in a photograph. This varies with the lens aperture, focal length and distance to subject. (3 Words)
2.Photoshop documents are composed of these, which can basically be described as single transparent sheets which hold particular pieces of an image.
3.This tool is useful for selecting areas of an image. It comes in 4 varieties: Rectangular, Elliptical, Single Row or Single Column.
4.The relative size of an object.
5.This tool selects a colour range. It will select the block of colour, or transparency, based on wherever you click. (2 Words)
7.This tool works by changing your foreground colour to whatever colour you click on.
13.An image can be into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines. (3 Words)
14.An image made of varying tones of black and white.
15.the three channel colour mode suitable for images to be viewed on screens.
17.Filter to add random spotted pattern to a design.
18.The use of opposing elements, such as colours, forms, textures or lines, in close proximity to produce an intensified effect in a photograph.
19.Refers to the number of pixels in a full size image.
20.The total amount of light allowed falling on a digital camera's sensor during the process of taking a photograph.
24.Method of reducing the size of an image to improve the composition.
28.The colour mode setting for images that will be printed to paper.

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