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*** About Chickens and Eggs ***

This crossword puzzle will revise your knowledge about chickens and eggs. Some of the words will be easy and some will be harder. You will have to SPELL them CORRECTLY to fit them into their spaces. The words go across left and right, up and down and diagonally. Have fun!!

1 2 3
4       5    
    6         7    
9   10    
  11           12  
  15               16

4.when the chick comes out of the egg
6.soft covering on a chicken's body
10.laid by a hen
11.cords that keep the yolk still
13.soft frill on top of a chicken's head
14.chickens drink it
15.machine to help eggs to hatch
17.yellow centre of an egg
18.name for twelve eggs
19.soft flap on a chicken's neck
1.hard covering on the outside of an egg
2.a place to lay eggs
3.long claw on a chicken's leg
5.a female chicken
7.chick uses it to crack the egg
8.what chickens use to peck with
9.chickens love to roll in it
11.special box you can buy eggs in
12.name for egg white
16.a male chicken

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