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Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Mr. O'C

All answers can be found in Chapter 9 of your textbook.

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35                                   36

4.low swapy lands where peat is often found
7.drained farmlands that used to be covered by water
10."Breadbasket of Europe" that used to be part of the Soviet Union
11.Largest city in the UK
16.Early document that led to the king sharing some power with the people (2 Words)
18.speaks two languages
20.Scandinavian sailors and traders during the middle ages
21.measure of how much work a person does in a specific amount of time
23.most populated country in Europe
24.springs that shoot hot water and steam into the air
27.killing an entire ethnic group (2 Words)
31.when the government pays for a specific group or industry
33.The government of the UK (2 Words)
35.focusing efforts to use resources efficiently
38.energy produced by underground steam
39.Nation made of more than 2000 islands
40.Wanted to rule others after the break up of Yugoslavia
1.Home of the Po River
2.inlets formed by glacial movement
3.Europe's poorest country
5.Country where Castillian is spoken
6.A major sea power during the 1500's
9.leaving land unplanted for years so it can better store moisture (2 Words)
12.European country that has remained neutral for over 700 years
13.Important river in France
14.Had a communist government after WWII
15.mineral used in making fertilizer
17.Part of Ireland that still belongs to the UK (2 Words)
19.Major religion in Italy (2 Words)
22.Czech Republic + Slovakia
25.When east and west Germany came together in 1990
26.Seperates the UK from the rest of Europe (2 Words)
28.the refusal to take sides in wars
29.plants that have decayed in water and are burned for fuel
30.One of the countriesof former Yugoslavia that is now successful
32.A labor group that fought communism in Poland
34.Baltic republic with the highest average income
36.Important river in England
37.second largest religion in France

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