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Physic Cross

Joe Abuhanna

Is a crossword of physic words.

1   2   3
4       5   6
      7         8
9                                           10  
  11                               12   13  
14   15          
  17           18                              
  25   26      

1.is the line of symetery.
4.is the amount of forces acted on it.
7.is a push or pull upon an object resulting from the object's interaction
9.is when you would conserved the energy
11.is the energy of a body or a system due to the position
16.is a theorem about energy
17.An part of movement if you need to walk.
18.is has the same motion as the linear speed.
19.Two object that combine togother when combined.
21.is the weight
23.a force that wotrks outwards on any body or object that rotates.
27.is the rate of change of a angular displacement.
28.being able to hold itself without falling
29.is when a a object hits another and the momentum is given to another.
2.a force that is mutiplyed by the time that it acts over it.
3.total momentum of a closed object.
5.is when a object moves in degrees.
6.is when a object has a big momentum and it will jump off something.
8.is the speed of a object moving in a straight line.
9.is to keep an amount of something.
10.is fake gravity created by humans
12.Is the work needed to accelerate a body of a given mass from rest
13.is the amount of speed when using the gas at rest.
14.a force that wotrks inwards on any body or object that rotates.
15.is the mass times the velocity.
20.is a object that can do things by itself
22.is a object that needs to use something else to get something done.
24.is meters per seconds squared
25.is a length of two different points.
26.is when something is falling over.

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