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Culture Crossword

Yoselin B.

1 2 3
    4                             5
8 9      
        12       13                    

4.Government in which people vote on representatives to serve in government
6.This is the study of the many sub-groups of people that are inside a culture.
7.The way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs.
10.A written form of Government which limits the power of the King or Queen.
11.Economy in which all prices and businesses are control by the laws of Supply and Demand
12.Beginning place of a culture
14.most cultures helps to explain life’s basic questions and meanings.
15.a group that has a large impact on Culture
16.how people make a living in a culture.
17.used to share information, The way that people communicate inside of a culture.
18.Any daily activities that occur in your Culture can be studied under
19.An economy in which all business is controlled by the government.
1.This is a way for people to express their culture.
2.The earliest form of farming and raising animals
3.Located around the Huang He River or Yellow River
5.A government in which the leaders control everything, including the economy, with no votes from citizens.
8.Located in modern day Pakistan
9.Depended on the Nile River to survive in the middle of the desert
10.The process of spreading news, knowledge, and skills to other cultures.
13.people moving into cities making cities become larger

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