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Topic 7 and 8 Crossword 2

Mr R Anderson

1 2
3                             4
5             6    
7                       8  
10         11                            
14     15        

3.The proportion of product actually produced out of what is theoeretically possible (2 Words)
5.Important compound used to make artificial fertilisers
7.An alternative medicine practice that uses highly diluted natural remedies
9.Chemical applied to crops to kill organisms that might damage or destroy them
10.The attractions between molecules (2 Words)
12.Type of bonding in which cations are surround by a 'sea' of free electrons
13.The terms for molecules formed of a pair of atoms
15.The property of having a large amount of mass in a small volume
16.The number of bonds that carbon can form
17.The type of bonding that occurs between two non-metals
18.The type of bonding that occurs between a metal and a non-metal
19.A mixture of metals
20.Hugely important element in fertilisers
1.Term used for electrons that are free to move around a structure
2.A technical description of a chemical bond (2 Words)
4.The word used for different forms of an element
6.A word describing a substance that has had water added to it
8.An endothermic reaction that takes place in some living organisms
11.The property of being able to be hammered into shape
14.The property of being able to be drawn into a wire

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