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4.What article of clothing do leprechauns make for themselves?
5.Name all the people who saw the snakes that St. Patrick banished from Ireland?
8.What do you call an Irishman who can control his wife?
15.What very famous ship was built in Belfast?
16.What well celebrated fall holiday originated in Ireland?
17.What does the prefix "Mac" mean in Irish names?
18.How many islands are larger than Ireland?
19.Who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland?
20.How much gold is in a Leprechaun's pot?
21.What Ireland destination has the longest name?
22.How many 3 leaf clovers are there for every 1 four-leaf clover?
23.How to you find a Leprechaun?
24.In what year did Ireland grant its first ever divorce?
26.What commodity do Leprechauns invest in?
28.In what ocean does Ireland lye?
30.What beer is Ireland most famous for?
32.How do you catch a Leprechaun?
34.What instrument is the musical symbol of Ireland?
35.What does the Celtic Knot symbolize?
36.What is the native language of Ireland?
1.Ireland is known as the ______________isle?
2.Why is a shamrock the symbol of St. Patrick's Day?
3.Why can't you ask a Leprechaun for money?
6.What magical stone, when kissed, gives the ability to speak sweetly and softly?
7.Ireland is divided into two countries, the Republic of Ireland and...?
8.In what US State has a Leprechaun been spotted?
9.What is the name of the special can that Guinness uses to export its beer to the United States
10.What's the capital of the Northern Ireland?
11.How long to Leprechaun's live?
12.How often do Leprechaun's wash their clothes?
13.What are the colors of the Irish flag?
14.Are Leprechauns good or evil?
22.In what year was the Guinness Beer Brewery founded?
24.What is the largest number of leaves found on a clover leaf?
25.What friend of the Leprechaun watches the pot of gold while he's away?
27.What slithering animal doesn't exist in Ireland?
29.St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on what date?
31.Where was the first St. Patrick's day parade?
33.What is the name of a closely related creature to the Leprechaun that is half human and half fairy?

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