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River erosion


Crossword for geography Junior Cert. level.

2       3
  4 5          
8     9
  12                     13    
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2.The material carried by a river.
5.A horseshoe-shaped lake formed in the old age stage of a river.
6.The longest river in Ireland.
7.Soil laid down by a river.
10.When a river breaks down rocks by chemical means.
12.A famous waterfall in Ireland.
13.A form of renewable energy produced by a river.
15.The force of running water is known as __________ action.
16.Erosion of the banks of a river.
20.A feature of erosion found in the upper course of a river.
22.The place where a river rises.
23.The type of spurs found in the upper course of a river.
24.A method by which heavy particles are moved along the bed of a river.
25.The high ground separating one river basin from another.
1.The area drained by a river and its tributaries.
3.Another name for the upper course of a river.
4.Where one river joins another river.
8.A smaller river that joins a bigger river.
9.The channels into which a river breaks up when going through a delta.
11.The type of erosion that deepens the bed of a river.
14.A winding loop or bend in a rivers channel.
17.When a river uses its load to erode.
18.The name given to the pool at the foot of a waterfall.
19.Where a river enters the sea.
21.Deposits of alluvium at the mouth of some rivers.

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