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The Hunger Games

Buddy B

2 3   4
5         6              
7                 8          
10     11                          
    12                 13 14
    15 16             17          
      18           19    
22                 23      

1.Katniss, the girl who was on...
5.Glimmer's district #
6.Always a drunken mess
7.Poisonous berry
8.Rue's district #
10.Man who's hosted the interviews for over 40 years (two words)
12.Name of Prim's cat
15.Tributes need ________ to win the games
17.Kat's Mother's occupation
18.# of times Gales name was entered (two words)
20.Name of Katniss's stylist
22.Prim's full name
23.Name of main career tribute
24.Peeta's last name
1.Killed by poisonous berry
2.Two women from katniss's prep team (3 words)
3.Name of head trainer
4.Those who control the games
9.Amount of time tributes must stand on platforms (two words)
11.Leading cause of death in district twelve
13.Peeta's nickname given by the careers
14.The fruit Katniss shoots out of the pigs mouth
16.Futuristic country the book takes place in
19.Those who compete in the hunger games
21.May the odds be ever in your...

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