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E3: Marking Period 1 Review

By Ms. Iocco

1   2     3
4   5            
6 7                  
        8   9  
10 11                   12  
    14                     15
16               17     18        
  20                     21            
  23       24   25        
26 27             28            
32           33                     34
36                   37      
38         39        
  40                             41  
42   43                  
      44     45       46                
        48             49        
53                 54          

1.________________________ means "furious, violently intense, or infected by rabies."
5._____________________ means "the time between or temporary."
7.____________________ means "to establish, set up, or an organization for the promotion of learning."
8._____________________ means "to twist out of shape."
11.An _______________________ is a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory (opposite) terms appear together, like jumbo shrimp.
13._____________________ means "dangerous."
14.A ______________________ is a "debt or disadvantage."
16.__________________ are sayings (words) that are used figuratively to mean something other than the literal meanings of the words. (usually only understood in the society in which you live)
17.______________________ means "thoughful or melancholy."
20.______________________ means to "renew or make young again."
21._______________________ means "to take a chance or risk."
23.A _______________________ Question is asked only for effect, not to get an answer.
27.________________________ means "always ready and willing to fight."
29._______________________ means "a little or few and far between."
30.______________________ means "unreasonably high or excessive."
32.____________________ means "garbage or waste products."
33.____________________ means "to absorb fully or make one's own; to blend it."
35.__________________ means "farewell or good-bye."
36._____________________ is the act of using a word, phrase, or clause over and over within a passage.
39.A _____________________ is a "kingdom or area of expertise."
40.__________________________ is the act of giving human characteristics to non-human things.
42.A ______________________ is a comparison betweeb two unlike things USING like or as.
44.____________________ means "to make larger or become larger or wider."
46.________________________ means "lively, full of life, flavorful."
47.______________________ means to "reward, pay, reimburse."
48._______________________ means "of poor quality, flimsy."
49._______________________ means "angry, bad-tempered, RUDE."
50.___________________________ means "ridiculous or senseless."
51._____________________ means "to wander about."
52.___________________ means "resistance to disease or exemption to something."
53._________________________ are words that mean the same thing, like smart and intelligent.
54.A __________________________ is a "long, angry speech that usually is very critical."
2.____________________ means "false or counterfeit."
3.____________________ means "to comfort or a control panel for an electrical device."
4._________________________ is the repetition of vowel sounds within a series of words.
6.An ______________________is an institution for the care of children, elderly people, etc. or a place of safety."
9.____________________ occurs when words have similar or identical ending sounds.
10.______________________ means "to speak evil of or to be evil."
12.____________________ means "lacking in seriousness or being disrespectful."
15.__________________ means "an arrival or beginning."
18._______________________ means "outstanding or first-rate."
19.____________________ means "a large city."
22.A _____________________ is an exaggerated statement or claim not meant to be taken literally.
24.___________________ means "noisy, unruly, disorderly."
25.______________________ means to flood, overflow, or overwhelm."
26.__________________ means "the highest point or tip."
28.______________________ occurs when words MIMIC the sounds they make, like buzz.
31._________________________ is the repetition of consonant sounds usually at the beginning of words, within a series of words.
34.A _____________________ is a "nomad, drifter, a hobo."
37.A ______________________ is a comparison betweeb two unlike things WITHOUT USING like or as.
38.An ________________________ is a "pledge or freedom from doubt."
41._____________________ means "to lessen or diminish."
43.___________________ means "very important."
45.________________________ are words that mean the opposite, like hot and cold.
49.A Shakespearean ___________________ is a 14 line poem consisting of three quatrains and a concluding couplet in iambic pentameter with the rhyme pattern abab cdcd efef gg.

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