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18 19            

1.the amount of money held or owing in an account
5.money that you have borrowed which you repay on a schedule with interest
6.shares in a company
10.things you own that have financial value
11.someone who makes an investment
12.the amount by which your spending exceeds your income
15.total income before any taxes or other cost are deducted
16.money you owe
19.an arrangement at a bank or other financial institution for depositing, withdrawing, borrowing or investing money
20.the money originally invested or lent to earn interest
2.a financial history
3.money you have not spent or have set aside for a special purpose
4.shares in the ownership of a company
7.the amount paid by a borrower to the lender for the use of money
8.a portion of a company's profits paid to shareholders
9.the ability to borrow money or charge for purchases before paying
13.an investment in which a government or company promises to repay money to investors
14.money you take out of an account
17.an estimate of the income and expenses of a person, family or company over a certian peroid of time
18.money yo receive from work, gifts, business or investments

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